I am ALWAYS on the hunt for good hair-care since I have a tendency to torture my hair until it screams and bursts out in color. No lie, maintaining colored hair is a lot of work. And the constant bleaching and dying takes a toll and dries out my hair tremendously. Which is why I’m […]

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Desert Sand Dunes

I don’t think I’ve ever woken up so early for a shoot. Technically I napped for one hour. Ron & Sang were team no sleep because they’re badasses and they don’t need sleep lol. We left at 2AM to catch the sunrise at the Glamis Sand Dunes. The weather was rainy on arrival at around […]

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A Bohemian Grunge Affair With ShopDixi

I can’t help but feel a little happily bewitched in this necklace from ShopDixi’s Boho & Grunge Jewellery Store. You can find very unique pieces and I’m currently dying over this Skadii Goddess of Winter Thorn Choker. A girl can never have too much clothes, shoes, and jewelry. Well that’s not true, but let’s just pretend everyone agrees […]

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Lyfe Tea

On some mornings your bed can feel like the fluffiest cloud in the world. Getting up and on with your day sounds like a ridiculous notion and the worst idea your mind could possibly conceive. Unfortunately most of my mornings are like that. Haha but live on we must. So I’ve been switching up my daily routine […]

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What a Colorful World We Live In

It’s funny how the bigger things in life ties in with the little things that brought it there. Everything can be traced through a long chain of cause and effects. It’s concurrent to the idea of if you weren’t at there at that time and that place, that never would have happened. Every time I don’t go […]

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A Nice Afternoon in Vietnam

It was nearing the end of my trip in Vietnam but I’m so glad I ended up meeting Kenny for a quick 2 hour shoot. We met up at a local landmark in Saigon and 12pm to 2pm passed by swiftly. It was a casual series of walking, talking, and occasionally stopping to shoot – where ever there was not too […]

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Malibu Wine Safari

This was an absolute lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I was thrilled to finally visit Malibu Wines Safari. Nothing beats a mixture of some wine, your group of friends, and many cute animals chomping away on veggies right off your hand! 😉 Info Pamphlets. We first enter through this adorable wooden shack to check in which also […]

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