I wish I can play all day everyday. Not happening. But this cuteass shirt is happening. Itʼs named “Everyday Play”. Super comfty, super cute, I can dress it up or down, not wear a frown and walk around town…… Right. A bunch of fabulous square cutouts with enough fabric to cover my small titties. Wooot. Anyways, itʼs from, their style is minimalistic, clean, and classy! I paired this shirt with some awesome pants from @swaychic, but letʼs save more info on that for another post. Wristwatch from @danielwellington (use code “hieucow” for 15% until the end of September) and shoes from Urban Outfitters.

photo PhotoSep1083317AM_zps09189ce1.jpg

photo PhotoSep1083320AM_zps3c7afbdd.jpg

photo PhotoSep1083325AM_zps714ef0f6.jpg

photo PhotoSep1083702AM_zps54692938.jpg

photo PhotoSep1083706AM_zps06f1ac9e.jpg

photo PhotoSep1083641AM_zps1e960249.jpg

photo PhotoSep1083442AM_zps78911aad.jpg Why am I standing in a cardbord box? @khoasom3 suggested it and it sounded like a good idea.

Outfit Details: Shirt from @salsitdotcom / Pants from @swaychic / Wristwatch from @danielwellington / Shoes from Urban Outfitters

Photographer: @khoasom3


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