A couple years ago I had this friend who would always practice his gloving at the library. I remember thinking, yuck. Raves are lame. Later on a friend invited me to tag along to one. I had zero expectations but decided to try it out. Hey, try everything twice, especially if you knock it. Fast forward a few hours later, I was like OMG I NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. Hehe raves tend to have this incredible good energy where “proper” social conduct lines gets blurred. It is totally not weird to be ridiculously nice and talk to a bunch of strangers. We’re all humans and we all just want to be loved and to enjoy ourselves. Why not be open and spread love to almost everybody we meet? It’s so easy to forget that in the everyday.

If you guys see me tomorrow at Hard Summer, come say hi. I swear I’m nice ^u^

In conclusion, I ❤ raves. And I ❤ iHeartRaves. You can find pretty much almost anything you can think of wearing to a rave at iHeartRaves ;P


AvIe0pjSoJBJics9PagHKdfjSOk0YLBJJjvvksetN9U,pVsKb2XGaNgTpGEBpdjJAweIOb4wFJHtELeluqlgkgk,wNYJUwopMbdisPjVxLqsxqKnbaYOSnq8c_LJ7nBMJXs,0fiScJIy7IaiClcC5cSEuK9Gri47-5YxMv_zoP25dr0 B6e_ca1DuqZb9Zg1askIT26se6nKAihh8AUaR4MlrhE,6EIcbzQQFv6c7Z_eBYfifmFtJ9yO5oCBaWGHBL7l8b0 F7-vFeTXdMegbFFFXlUZxqdCckWUMPGz0no1dr1kXFU,oQ_xaCyYMQaB0ti0gTCJcKGvYsdacCXqpcohI2roT8U HROqwf06qczwZlxXFYrTfYhIQ-d6T1UsYWniLZBMR6U,-GGPDmC55dtUlcI0YVAx_HnJJSlK4RrSWAVOOvuamIQ,b2FUJ6qVANo_7MwqoYsPgWnLdR4tyz_2jiG-PT9SmL0,Iy2uQsVmB0B-s8KmUnR_dDDg1Wn1SFp3XMnsX_QgqR4 iaPJx5PZLDeqBOeCwSEfEvei3IZzcr5yLsjoU9-uErw,BFt5zmpPBR6J6W_MAyK_l4CtocqY8VAjW2p0HsSbwLs jktbYadiy3vH634WSF5n6lYVIx-gtAiigo9rCbcKgKw,cJw21cxZN_u0tvqjqepR4TFq9Uzw_N1EPsS81C9ySRE,gy3hli5mdcWO0C1zmJADVWgaFU-pCdvnISJ_JOUaCcQ rNDHph7b4iWhxx3vKitz9uoHMIRYLWUg8KJlZooMeSY,AiMyJvEqCT9C5j59gSNG9Mry8gdibn_YcAcEMKbM2x4,DUVCLkz68IhBFOFZwn15lugIpRinLcS0zdDVXkrGc3U

Swimsuit: iHeartRaves / Kitty Ears: Mad For Halos

Photo: Misacat


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