Kawaii Sex & Misacat

So… I had a few hours alone in SF this one fine morning to kill. I don’t think I’ve ever kept myself awake for so long but I didn’t sleep for 30ish hours straight thanks to a 6 hr drive and a sugar free monster energy drink. Btw, the ones with sugar makes me feel like dying. This sugar free stuff.. I can feel it pulling my eyelids apart. Good stuff.

Been IG stalking Misa for a while and decided to see if she could spare time for a shoot and she squeezed me in her morning. She even got me a bagel. Misa is an angel and I already knew our photos together would be rad from the first moment I laid eyes on her page. *cue music* ❤ She is amazing to work with and I want to stuff her in my pocket and keep her forever.

Anyways enough of my rant. Here are pictures, you guys will be seeing a lot more of her work! =^u^=

6HE8zdo2pfbVzdTQGCUNHZLzQZTCGTAF9XvZRwrB4q0,ADuVd80BEUcJ73xs2U4XEZ6ID8mo5zOpV4BznkAPZ0oGJpmJY4ejDGR6fDKO7tyAIyBdJdeSPrkj7lWPnfgh6Yi4Xtk08WTrN83Ss1DP5s-zPys6ykb-v8ObM7MFZeoZ0,6qtiX4Q39MqYq2XKn58JXtZIAVq8a6HFrPr2AduodG4 P7PD6m9m1Z3DZZ5Mz-EiigVZRVYRhEz-e9thylfbqcE,aqwo2JTEFJWKxdDhuOm3thLciWFkOTED15qIYNYqrEU Q3epclkFFtB76Vr-3ezEwrnx26wbrNym-znCeXDQLck,MWGZ_NCP2Y0lAwpcitidaxwgO0mTP0JEwS5udciD8-w x2FaDoxNvrRsN984abo9qqpy-AJxPA-bLN9TqNmfRLg,w4xXwIF66Re6pLSsD8zFvzFRuTK4H-uf6MXBVqExhZU YKD0NKgccEkiq1-f8emx6NPHA44zlKZx7abbmuwsJvo,4HP1rPOuBY7eCCzBQH1w_-N8BdiE9YJCyJ2vZVnxmMQ

Dress: Poprageous / Kitty Ears: Flower Children Only / Shoes: Y.R.U.

Photo: Misacat


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