Organza Pastel Dreams

LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo set I did with Misa for Stylemoi. There should be more clothing with floral organza fabric like this sweater, organza is hard to find, except in prom dresses. lol ;P And I have dreams of being taller so you’ll find me in platforms on my non-lazy days. I can’t get enough of Y.R.U shoes, there are such creative designs ❤ As one of my good friend always say: peace, and chicken grease. Have a nice day ^u^
1f0XUAIj1eCquDDQAa4_64lmwwqiixsa_MoRgFUXEkI,bQH4yeziH4if-du21pWr5QUDgjqj-LeHNWn7lY1ls8w,1EnK5kqjYv2s-icUilhsCcVqDXlyJtBCh66AKntsWbg 81NWvY3DTuaFb54oDzlCmx3w9p23g0488RbsEQ3sE_0,AwFx8e9rV9feZO-a7yAST0t54yq8qR3QJ73yDHOl2Ps _KD3DlEpLhXC_gkcFyjSaV7wBLLOsdFki0_vIxav5Ck,Kd2DFSaCAfFIMhaICKEKt6SAZhI1FQG29ntjLq41ZDs IXeGntaZMrMmU6XivHYb1oZRbOFNxaG1Q9ju5jDvqes,dqwx-HrSMuNX_4mdsfYAewhQF6fGsxUamjyFR5DUmPk jGRc5JAsqFMzVIpBJv7GVoK0dmIbreQLLeOGD202QLA,FiZnL0Wv48YTSjBeMfi00tlqxYNUUDs4fZJcPKZNpZo OAREC4Zdtrk-cJmShOfsolQEJ28QrAf5K4uCJBWFbEo,OSe3n8uoNW5p76hh5gOSohajCVTVOosYISKRg7sdcL4Outfit:
Sweater / Bralette: Style Moi
Shoes: Y.R.U
Photo: @misacat_


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