You Are A Message


I met Guillaume almost two years ago when I first moved to Los Angeles. I was a subject for his photographs and art projects. He’s definitely quite different from most people you would meet and someone whom I’m very happy to consider as a good friend.

He’s very artistic, older, and very wise. We had many conversations where he shared with me stories of his life experiences throughout the years, along with giving me invaluable advice about anything and everything. I’m an eager young mind and I do look up to him as sort of a mentor. Which is not a surprise since his profession is that of a professor. You can read more about him here.

He gave me his first book a while back called “You Are a Circle” which can look intimidating from the cover because there’s a lot of pages but once you open it, it’s a very light read. He uses less words and a collection of quotes and thoughts to invoke your thinking. It’s something that greatly helped me whenever I would get a case of writer’s block (not necessarily always in writing but in creating any form of art) or want to fuel my creative juices. You can flip anywhere in the book, you don’t have to read it in order, and you can spend a few seconds, a few hours, or a few days on just one page. It’s something that offers a little guidance on what you should think deeper about.

He recently released his second book “You Are A Message”. The idea behind this book is about what message we are sending out to the world, and how to be conscious of our branding and how to gather the fruits of our labor. Which is funny because that’s the sort of guidance I’m looking for nowadays. Very helpful, especially in this age of social media. We got together this morning to take some photos for it. I’ve only gotten the chance to skim through a couple pages since I received my copy this morning, but I can already tell that it’s gold. I’ll do a more thorough book review when I finish it. You guys can download a free sample to get an idea of how the book is written and the type of content here.

Both books are written in a format of quotes. They serve as reminders for the everyday life, things to focus on. Good for picking up and rereading forever. Food for thought type of deal.

I actually sat down and took the time to write this blogpost not merely because Guillaume is my friend. It’s because I truly respect and admire him a lot. He is definitely someone who helps grind the gears on the inner workings of my mind. You would not catch my lazyass expending that amount of time and energy unless I truly believe in what I’m saying. This post is one from the bottom of my heart as a tribute to someone who has impacted my life positively.

I do realize that I am lucky enough to have people interested in what I have to say and to have you guys reading my words right now. Thank you so much. I usually post about fashion but I’m way more into knowledge and self improvement. Talking to Guillaume today kind of had me realizing that I don’t talk about more important stuff on social media besides what I’m wearing, and I should start. So look forward to more posts about non-fashion related stuff on this blog! But really, check these books out because they’re really good stuff.

Love you guys my readers ^u^ <333 Btw if you guys ever want to talk to me, don’t leave a comment or dm on IG, it gets hectic and I’m bad at checking. I love emails 😉



More on Prof G.
Free Sample Download of “You Are A Message”
Purchase “You Are A Circle” 
Purchase “You Are A Message”


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