Black Score

hieu-garden-6278-3I think it’s very important to find humor in life and to find silly little things that makes you smile. Leading to my point of how Black Score is friggin awesome! They’re a quirky shirt company with the most clever tees! I think I just about died when I saw the “Wrong Direction” tee. On a little more serious note, profits from sale of “Lady Garden” sweatshirt helps to support the Gynaecological Cancer Fund. More information can be found at WWW.LADYGARDENCAMPAIGN.CO.UK ❤ Here are some photos from my collaboration with Black Score:

hieu-asap-6236-2 hieu-asap-6237-2 hieu-garden-6261hieu-garden-6289-3 hieu-otter-6170-3 hieu-wrongdirection-6294-2 hieu-wrongdirection-6304-2

Clothing: Black Score
Photo: Ron Khy


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