T.U.K Footwear

I think I found a new favorite shoe brand ^u^ T.U.K has been on my radar for a while now but I haven’t actually tried on their shoes until as of late. Their style falls toward a more edgy rocker vibe. Like a fuck with me and I’ll step on your face and look fabulous doing it vibbee πŸ˜› The Chelsea Nosebleeds are amazingly comfortable!! Been wearing them to death lately because I’m a shawwwtyy. 😜✌🏼️

hieu-roof-6749-2hieu-roof-6736-2hieu-polka-6536-2 hieu-polka-6539-2hieu-toolbox-6457-3 hieu-toolbox-6480-3hieu-toolbox-6476-3Clothing: Thrifted //Β Harness (1st Outfit): Jakimac //Shoes: T.U.K
Photo: Ron Khy


2 thoughts on “T.U.K Footwear”

    1. Ahh! Thankyouuu so much! ^^ As for advice, just blog about whatever you’re passionate about and have fun with it! The biggest issue I had was image sizing actually lol so choose a size and stick to it so your blog looks uniform. Hopefully that helps somehwhat >.< heheh good luck babe! <33

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