Teami Blends


There’s nothing quite like the cold days of Winter. It’s beautiful but also very scary outside and I would rather not step foot out of my door unless absolutely necessary. Luckily for me, with December comes Winter break and no school for weeks which makes my soul ravish with joy. Adding onto my glee is how I can be lazy without a care in the world! This equates to my days being filled with Netflix & chill with Dizzy (the cutest Chihuahua in the world pictured above).

Lately I’ve been drinking Teami Blends to keep off the extra Holiday weight from all the lounging around & stuffing my face that I do. I’m a huge fan of tea as it is already so I was definitely very interested & happy to try out Teami! A cup in the morning is very refreshing and helps to kick start my day with that little extra boost of energy. Lately I have noticed that I have been feeling less bloated and less hungry. The flavor is very light and yummy, I usually add just a touch of honey to sweeten it. Also I love cute things so I love using the little leaf infuser for the Skinny Tea 😉

Warm days indoors staring at the rain outside is my cup of tea. Thanks to Teami for keeping me warm this Holiday season. Use my code “HIEU10” for 10% off any Teami. Wishing you guys Happy Holidays. *virtual hug* ❤







Teami Blends

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