I love the outdoors. Take me to the woods, I’ll bring my heels and unpractical clothing and have you take pictures of me ^u^ Just kidding, the more than likely outcome is that we’ll have a nice chat about life while I pick at the grass beside me and decorate the ground with a bald spot.

Lately I’ve been real into turtlenecks and laced up necklines. Which in turn, makes me more than happy to hang these pieces from Pylo in my closet. I’m often dressed like a colorful blob so I love how these looks make me feel a lot more …womanly. And another note is that a girl can never have too much shoes and you can’t go wrong with boots. So I found these really cute pairs at Public Desire. *cues “These Boots Are Made For Walkin” song*

Look 1: Top – Pylo / Shorts – Stylemoi / Shoes – Public Desire / Photo – @therubyelement
Look 2: Top – Pylo / Shorts – Thrifted / Shoes – Public DesireΒ / Photo – @imphoreals
Look 3: Top – Pylo / Shoes – Public Desire / Photo – @imphoreals


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