Motivational Tattoos


So we all have those moments in life that doesn’t quite go our way. A friendly little reminder every now and then to stay positive goes a long way. That’s why I’m quite fond of these cute little tats from Motivational Tattoos with simple words of encouragement in the form of a band-aid. Perfect for a quick little pick me up and an adorable temporary accessory.

I’ve never been one for permanence, everything changes and the thought of a permanent tattoo is quite daunting. However I felt a little different about the matter after putting onΒ the skin colored band-aid with oneΒ of my favorite quotes, “This too shall pass”. It looks very realistic so this left me musing at the thoughtΒ of how nice it must be to have something you believe in be a part of you.

The pack comes with the quotes:
– Positive Mental Attitude
– I Am Enough
– Calm
– This Too Shall Pass
– Onwards and Upwards

The band-aid design is a reminder that pain is temporary if you can stay positive and allow yourself to heal. And of course, I can’t get enough of the cute pastel colors. You guys can find them at ❀


Motivational Tattoos

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