Overtone Mermaid Lookbook


It’s not every day that find yourself in a home with the beach as its backyard. I remember waking up at 3AM to get ready for this shoot because I had to be on set at 5AM. Not a problem, since I got to skip out on all of the familiar LA traffic 😉 I’m not much of a morning person but I always feel happy whenever I’m up early enough to feel the refreshing crispness of dawn. Ya know, before the light and the sounds of the city washes away the beauty of the quiet morning.

The location was beautiful and the theme was a mermaid sea coastal vibe. What more can a girl ask for. It was quite chilly but that discomfort was an afterthought after we got the ball rolling and started shooting. My fellow beautiful mermaid is Kelly and I am so happy with how the photos came out!

A day before this shoot, I refreshed my color with a variety of Overtone Daily & Weekly Conditioners. Their product is a godsend if you have single colored hair. It’s actually conditioner you can use daily to upkeep your color so you don’t have to bust out the materials to do a complete dye job. However since I have more than one color in my hair, I used it like regular hair-dye. It worked perfectly and also did a wonderful job of conditioning and not drying out my hair. I am a huge fan. So I’m very happy I got to participate in this shoot and meet the sweet owners Liora & Maegan. Liora took these photos 😉





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