Malibu Wine Safari


This was an absolute lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I was thrilled to finally visit Malibu Wines Safari. Nothing beats a mixture of some wine, your group of friends, and many cute animals chomping away on veggies right off your hand! 😉


Info Pamphlets.


We first enter through this adorable wooden shack to check in which also doubles as a gift shop.


We are taken around the land in these themed group trucks. Our group rode on the peacock design on the left.


Our first stop was to feed the farm animals! Erica is in the process of feeding a zebra with her carrot.


Watch out! They bite.


After a friendly introduction to some of the animals on the safari, we stop to have some wine and “candidly” pose for pics 😉


Our tour guide driving up through the mountains.


Then we went to meet Stanley! Fun fact: he made a cameo in Hangover 3.


He sure enjoys lettuce.


Aggie petting Stanley. This is tooo cute!


More beautiful landscapes.


Alas! We’ve reached the top of this hangout area for more wine!


And that concludes my lovely trip to Malibu Wines Safari. The tour was approximately 1.5 hours. I definitely recommend it if you guys are looking for a little getaway that’s not too far out of the city. Plus I’m sure it’s little more exciting than your average wine tasting tour 😉

Malibu Wine Safari

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