A Nice Afternoon in Vietnam


It was nearing the end of my trip in Vietnam but I’m so glad I ended up meeting Kenny for a quick 2 hour shoot. We met up at a local landmark in Saigon and 12pm to 2pm passed by swiftly. It was a casual series of walking, talking, and occasionally stopping to shoot – where ever there was not too many people around. We both don’t reside in Vietnam so anywhere and everywhere had the novelty of being completely different to what we’re accustomed to seeing. The streets were filled with color and there were endless perfect backdrops. We made a final stop for some peach tea before we went off on our separate ways again.

Kenny is from Germany and is a student, photographer, and world traveler. I absolutely love meeting new people especially from different parts of the world and learning about their lives. It gets me to reflect on myself and what changes I want to make in my life. Why not travel more?

Without much further ado, here are some photographs from that day. Kenny is into more candid natural looking photographs. Which I found fits perfectly with the overall memory of my trip. I love photographs taken in unusual places. It’s like a time capsule to help remind you of the feelings, smells, and scenery associated with a place. I hope to be able to take more trips like this, where I can casually and slowly get lost in another world.



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