Lyfe Tea


On some mornings your bed can feel like the fluffiest cloud in the world. Getting up and on with your day sounds like a ridiculous notion and the worst idea your mind could possibly conceive. Unfortunately most of my mornings are like that. Haha but live on we must.

So I’ve been switching up my daily routine a tad bit by incorporating a nice hot cup of Lyfe Tea Morning Blend shortly after I wake up. It gives me an extra boost of energy and lightens up my mood to get me ready for the day.

For my evening wind down I sip on the Detox tea blend. It provides the perfect calming after a busy day. I’ve also noticed that, with the help of these, my bloating has gone down significantly.

Lately I’ve been trying to become healthier, as well. I’m slowly inching towards my mid-20s and I’ve been noticing those tiny little changes in my body and stamina. Things that remind me how we can’t stay forever young. Sadly. So, along with adding Lyfe Tea to my diet, I’ve finally started making time to exercise more regularly.

I don’t know where life will go from this point on; But maybe I’ll just focus on these four things – exercise, eating right, drinking tea, and hustling hard 😉






Lyfe Tea

What a Colorful World We Live In


It’s funny how the bigger things in life ties in with the little things that brought it there. Everything can be traced through a long chain of cause and effects. It’s concurrent to the idea of if you weren’t at there at that time and that place, that never would have happened. Every time I don’t go about my normal routine and take the strange route, I tend to come upon things I like with no intention of looking for it. Just a passing thought since I have writer’s block with starting out a blog post ;P

The funny thing about this shoot was that it happened in Vietnam and the building we were at was closely reminiscent of a horror movie. I remember walking up the stairs and my sister questioning if we were walking into a kidnapping scheme. You would have never expected a photography studio to be on a higher floor. I find the unexpected very amusing so that hiccup made this a better memory.

I was awake for over 40 hours at the time and felt like dying since I am a major sleep junkie. But time is limited when you’re traveling so I didn’t reschedule. Aside from being dead-eyed in half of the photos taken, I’m very pleased with the final photo set. Kyo is one of the most talented photographers I’ve ever worked with and I’ve always fancied more creative concepts versus just a portrait or outfit shot. So viola! 😉


What a Colorful World We Live In