A Bohemian Grunge Affair With ShopDixi


I can’t help but feel a little happily bewitched in this necklace from ShopDixi’s Boho & Grunge Jewellery Store. You can find very unique pieces and I’m currently dying over this Skadii Goddess of Winter Thorn Choker. A girl can never have too much clothes, shoes, and jewelry. Well that’s not true, but let’s just pretend everyone agrees 😉 Jewelry is the final layer and it completes your look. It’s like crossing your T’s and dotting your I’s, it just doesn’t feel quite finished until you do.

I finally visited the reservoir close to my home and happened upon a gloomy day. Lucky me! Well the cold was not ideal but it was bearable and worth it to get these moody shots. I found this place really beautiful. Can’t believe I live so close. Just goes to show that beauty is not too hard to find if you take the time and effort to look.

Below are some of my favorite necklaces from ShopDixi, my absolute favorite place to hunt for grunge or bohemian jewellery, along with what I wore to match them. It’s always great to explore more, so find a reason to get out there! And look fabulous while doing so 😉

Forest Inspired ChokerDSC05694.jpgDSC05708.jpgLariat Inspired NecklaceDSC05585.jpgDSC05627.jpgDSC05653.jpgDSC05613.jpgMoon Inspired JewelleryDSC05739.jpgDSC05817.jpgDSC05850.jpgDSC05875.jpgDSC05870.jpg


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