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I am ALWAYS on the hunt for good hair-care since I have a tendency to torture my hair until it screams and bursts out in color. No lie, maintaining colored hair is a lot of work. And the constant bleaching and dying takes a toll and dries out my hair tremendously.

Which is why I’m very happy to come across Uberliss, a bond sustainer and a much needed treatment for my weary locks. I’ve gotten my hair bleached and dyed a few days ago. While it looks good in photos, it’s quite damaged and coarse to the touch. After applying this treatment, I definitely noticed a HUGE improvement in the softness and malleability of my hair. It feels like I’ve been nursing it back to health for weeks when it’s only been one treatment. I have to say, I’m very impressed ^_~

This product has a really strange consistency, it’s gummy but not sticky, I’m almost unsure of how to describe it lol. But I will definitely continue to use this and see how much better my hair gets over time!

View a little how-to video I made for Uberliss by clicking here.

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