Staying on Time With Baby G


I’ve always loved having more time on my hands. As you grow older there’s so many things that pulls your attention in every possible direction so it’s more about finding time and creating a balance in life. I love the simplicity of wearing a wristwatch because I can easily look down to keep track of time and stay organized. This allows me to stay on top of my tasks. This amazing Baby G watch has made its way into my wardrobe however it’s anything but simple. It has a digital face and its features includes

  • Fully automated calendar
  • Worldwide time zones settings
  • Alarm settings
  • Stopwatch settings
  • Countdown timer
  • Built in light
  • Shock resistant
  • Water resistant (Which means YES! You can go swimming with this watch on)

You can read more about the technical specs here. And see a lot more fun Baby G designs here.

Most days I strive for comfort and practicality with the way I dress so IΒ love the fun and sporty vibe this watch gives off!Β It’s the perfect finishing touch for many of my outfits.

DSC_2960.jpgDSC_2950.jpgPhoto Jul 05, 19 02 50.jpgPhoto Jul 02, 07 22 14.jpgDSC08135.jpgDSC08153.jpg

In collaboration with Baby G. Find Baby G on insta @babyg_usa


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