Pullman Da Nang Beach Resort

Photo Oct 19, 12 36 27

I started out my journey in Da Nang, Vietnam with Amy at the Pullman Da Nang Beach Resort. We had a fantastic relaxing stay and the hotel grounds offers many scenic areas to explore. It was located near the main areas of the city but was a haven away from the noise and bustle. However take a walk outside and you’ll find restaurants, spas, and many other places to check out.

We stayed in the one bedroom cottage which was decorated with a lot of wood. I find that these type of places has a very calming effect. There are also pops of blue decor which fits perfectly with the tranquility of the space. Many dragonfly wire sculptures can be found throughout the resort and you’ll also find many live dragonfly inhabitants.

There is a huge selection of delicious asian and western cuisine during the breakfast buffet. As if that wasn’t enough, the breakfast selections are also changed daily to provide guests with even more variety.

We spent most of our time here either relaxing, taking photos or swimming. It may be a little strange but I would have to say that my favorite part of all of this was the outdoor shower. Because how often do you find a private outdoor shower? πŸ˜‰

The entrance to our cottage
Photo Oct 21, 05 39 47
Photo Oct 21, 05 40 43

Outdoor living room area
Photo Oct 21, 05 36 57
Photo Oct 21, 05 37 26

Passageways within our cottage

Photo Oct 19, 11 43 27

Bathroom Area/Outdoor Shower
Photo Oct 20, 12 02 40

Hotel Grounds
Photo Oct 20, 22 07 14Photo Oct 21, 05 59 01Photo Oct 19, 13 02 59

Breakfast Buffet
Photo Oct 21, 06 56 04

Bar Area

Infinity Pool
Photo Oct 21, 08 16 04Photo Oct 21, 16 32 53

Private Beach Access
Photo Oct 21, 15 57 56
Photo Oct 20, 02 10 08
Photo Oct 21, 16 10 13Photo Oct 20, 02 38 22



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