The Siam Hotel


The Siam Hotel is a fascinating work of art. It is a hidden escape conveniently located in the city of Bangkok, Thailand. I remember entering the lobby and feeling immediately drawn to the space and curious about everything around me. It’s one of those places that is incredibly pleasing to the eye everywhere you look. It easily captures your interest because there’s so much to find within the details of this Art Deco/Thai antique infused property.

The Siam is designed by internationally acclaimed architect, Bill Bensley, which explains why everything comes together so harmoniously. There is a lot going on with different textures, shapes, objects, and plants. It easy to get clustered when there are a lot of details filling up a space but nothing feels out of place and it’s all one big perfect curation. It’s easy to wander and get happily lost while exploring this hotel. Antiques can be found at every corner and I often find myself stopping to admire something along my path.

We had a very warm welcome and even our own butler who kindly showed us to our room and helped us with everything we needed. My favorite part about the room was the high ceilings and I even enjoyed a relaxing night time bath. The food was simply amazing. The breakfast buffet has cold or room temperature items to pick and choose from. But everything hot was made to order.

Aside from the regular hotel features you would also find elsewhere such as the spa, bar, pool, restaurants, library/cinema, gift shop, etc, The Siam offers the unique experiences of a cooking class, Muay Thai boxing, Sak Yant tattooing, and a sunset cruise on the river.ย I think it’s safe to say that it’s very hard to get bored here. However if you want to leave to explore a little more of Bangkok, there is a shuttle boat service between the hotel and Bangkokโ€™s central Sathorn pier.

There’s so much rich history and culture in Thailand, I really admired how this place pays a tribute to that. My stay here was short and sweet so we didn’t have that much time to explore as much of the hotel as I would have liked. Therefore I included some photos at the end of this blogpost from The Siam’s image library because it’s such an amazing space and I feel as though my photos aren’t enough to do it justice ๐Ÿ˜‰

Room Tour



Hotel Grounds


Siam’s Image Library


The Siam Hotel

Sri Panwa


The island of Phuket, Thailand has a beautiful rural landscape due to much of its natural terrain remaining untouched. Amy and I were lucky enough to find ourselves at Sri Panwa, one of Phuket’s top luxury resorts. The entrance is located right along the coastline, next to calm streets that were lined with the cutest little shops, restaurants, and a night market. The resort itself stretches across 40 acres and is hidden within the lush surrounding trees. Walking around it might get a bit tiring so luckily the resort offers a 24/7 tuk tuk ride service that is just a phone call away to go anywhere within in the resort. I took my first Tuk Tuk ride ever here and it was certainly not the last ๐Ÿ˜‰

The theme of Sri Panwa is very wooden with pops of yellow adding to the beautiful warm tones and serenity of the space. I fell in love with our penthouse. Really, I could stay there all day and be perfectly happy relaxing in such a lovely environment. A very interesting thing about it was the different mood lighting options. It’s the perfect place for a getaway with a lover and I feel like you can have so much fun here! Ambiance is everything! There were five different settings, we tested all of them, but the two I remembered was “sexy” & “romantic” ๐Ÿ˜‰

To top it off, we had an infinity pool with a gorgeous view of the water and the neighboring islands right outside of our balcony. We definitely took advantage of that and did quite of bit of swimming. Long chats with good friends are even better in a secluded place with an amazing view.

Within the resort you can also visit the spa, pool, different restaurants, bars, and the private beach. At the beach, there’s a white floating dock that leads far out into the water and it’s the perfect place for a photo opp. We even got the chance to go kayaking!

Overall our stay was amazing, the staff was so kind, and I left here with very happy memories of my short visit to Phuket.




Balcony & Pool


Hotel Grounds



Sri Panwa

Sofitel Sentosa Resort & Spa


My first stop in Singapore with Amy was at Sofitel Sentosa Resort & Spa. We arrived in the middle of the night around 3AM and I remember being fascinated at how elegant the lobby looked in the dim gold lighting. We were able to check into our room swiftly. Upon arrival, we found a little note card and some cupcakes… however we were taken aback when found our faces on them! Needless to say I was so thrilled at the very personal touch to our welcome.


Sofitel Sentosa is located on an island resort off Singapore’s southern coast. However we had no trouble getting there and it was quite close to the city. If I remember correctly it only takes about 20 minutes. Our local photographer friend Zippyย (who helped us take some of these photos) told us that Singapore is small and you can get from one side of town to the other in just 1 hour! I was in love with this resort and found it to be the perfect hideaway to recoup after a long day of exploring the city.

The hotel is decorated beautifully with a wood and gold theme. It reminds me of the 1920s and specifically the style of “The Great Gatsby”. There’s a charming luxurious old-school feel about this place. A notable feature of this resort are its peacock inhabitants. You can find many of them roaming around and simply minding their own business. We met a friendly little fella who hung out in our balcony for half an hour.ย And I was lucky enough to see one spread it’s feathers. It was such an amazing sight to behold! Click to see it live in my snapchat stories collection.


My absolute favorite part about this resort is the complimentary Fish Therapy Spa located right next to the bar. At first I thought it was just a sitting area for hotel guests to relax and dip their feet in the water. I passed by many times and thought it was a little strange that there was always people there. But I did not recognize this magnificent area for what it is until the morning we were leaving!! Haha but I am very grateful that I got to experience this for the first time here.

Swarms of fish will come nibble away the dead skin cells of your feet. It’s a very strange and tickling sensation at first and then it becomes a relaxing buzz. It’s very nice just to look at the fish and have an exchange where you’re mutually helping each other.

Lastly there is a long pathway that leads right down to the beach. Altogether Sofitel Sentosa was the perfect place for rest and relaxation. And oh, Universal Studios is located right next to it ๐Ÿ˜‰

Room Tour





Fish Therapy Spa


Hotel Grounds




Sofitel Sentosa Resort & Spa

Fusion Maia Da Nang

DSC01644 (1)

The second hotel Amy and I visited in Da Nang, Vietnam was Fusion Maia. It’s located close to the main city but tucked away right alongside the beach, making it a hidden oasis and a separate world in and of itself. Everything is tailored around being mindful of the mind, body, and spirit and is designed to give you the most relaxing stay possible.ย I really appreciated the great attention to detail. The decor, service, food, spa, activity offerings, etc., all meshed together perfectly to give this place an absolute calming charm.

The energy of this resort felt very clean, soft, and tranquil. Maybe a significant part of this is due to the amazing staff. We were always greeted with warm friendly smiles and hellos from every passerby. Everyone whom we spoke with had a very calm and friendly demeanor about them. I don’t think I have experienced better service anywhere.

The most unique factor that follows Fusion Maia‘s theme of wellness and healthy living are the two spa treatments per day that is included with your stay. They have a variety of options ranging from different types of massages, body scrubs, therapies, and energy cleansing treatments.ย There are also exercise classes and activities throughout the day, every day, so there is always something new to try.

Often life can get so busy, I don’t think most people find the time to slow down and meditate or do things that really calms the spirit. I know I rarely do.ย Excuse me for getting a bit metaphysical here. After my spa treatments I was extremely relaxed. I was caught in that dreamy state where it felt like my mind had left my body and I was one with the universe, like a beautiful nothingness that is just simply existing and floating.

Do you guys ever get that feeling when you open your eyes and reality slowly sinks in and you’re bewildered that you’re you, a human that is alive and walking on this earth? It’s sort of like a natural high that makes you perfectly at peace with yourself and the world around you. Slowly that high will drift away and everything starts to feel normal again, but you feel a little calmer overall. I find it very hard and rare to reach this state so it is always a grand experience when I do. Even as I’m writing this now, I’m realizing how important it is to slow down. So I urge you to take some time to meditate or get a massage and clear your mind every now and then my friend!

Lastly, the food was AMAZING (see below). Definitely some of the best food I had over the course of my whole one month trip. There was a wide selection at the breakfast buffet and everything tasted light, healthy, and delicious. My favorite was the sautรฉed mixed mushrooms. We also tried the lover’s fondue dessert set which had a mixture of fruits and sweets.

I definitely had a very memorable experience staying here. Finding a place like this honestly inspired me to be more mindful of the health of my body and mind. It is definitely on my bucket list to come back again one day ๐Ÿ˜‰

Room TourDSC00579DSC00580DSC00582DSC00586
DSC_0708 (1)


DSC00974DSC01666DSC01651 (1)

Hotel GroundsDSC01996DSC01998DSC02202DSC02168


Fusion Maia Da Nang

Pullman Da Nang Beach Resort

Photo Oct 19, 12 36 27

I started out my journey in Da Nang, Vietnam with Amy at the Pullman Da Nang Beach Resort. We had a fantastic relaxing stay and the hotel grounds offers many scenic areas to explore. It was located near the main areas of the city but was a haven away from the noise and bustle. However take a walk outside and you’ll find restaurants, spas, and many other places to check out.

We stayed in the one bedroom cottage which was decorated with a lot of wood. I find that these type of places has a very calming effect. There are also pops of blue decor which fits perfectly with the tranquility of the space. Many dragonfly wire sculptures can be found throughout the resort and you’ll also find many live dragonfly inhabitants.

There is a huge selection of delicious asian and western cuisine during the breakfast buffet. As if that wasn’t enough, the breakfast selections are also changed daily to provide guests with even more variety.

We spent most of our time here either relaxing, taking photos or swimming. It may be a little strange but I would have to say that my favorite part of all of this was the outdoor shower. Because how often do you find a private outdoor shower? ๐Ÿ˜‰

The entrance to our cottage
Photo Oct 21, 05 39 47
Photo Oct 21, 05 40 43

Outdoor living room area
Photo Oct 21, 05 36 57
Photo Oct 21, 05 37 26

Passageways within our cottage

Photo Oct 19, 11 43 27

Bathroom Area/Outdoor Shower
Photo Oct 20, 12 02 40

Hotel Grounds
Photo Oct 20, 22 07 14Photo Oct 21, 05 59 01Photo Oct 19, 13 02 59

Breakfast Buffet
Photo Oct 21, 06 56 04

Bar Area

Infinity Pool
Photo Oct 21, 08 16 04Photo Oct 21, 16 32 53

Private Beach Access
Photo Oct 21, 15 57 56
Photo Oct 20, 02 10 08
Photo Oct 21, 16 10 13Photo Oct 20, 02 38 22


Pullman Da Nang Beach Resort

ModCloth Fall Palette


I love Autumn. Stepping outside has a more moody dream-like feel when it’s overcast and the sun isn’t blaring in your face. I find it especially nice to dress themed towards the season. In a sense you’re matching your outfit to the weather and blending sweetly into this chapter of your life. Life is a story and you are the main character so create the character that you want to be!

Wardrobe is one of the funnest part of character development. Clothing can do or say so much without you even speaking a word. However I don’t think it matters what you wear as long as you personally love it and feel great in it. Which is why I’m such a fan of ModCloth. The selection is huge and they carry a lot of unique pieces so non-verbal self expression just got a little bit easier. Their sizes ranges from XXS-XXL so it’s easy to find the perfect fit for every BODY. There is aย Fit for Me feature that recommends items based on your size via their mobile app and also in-house ModStylists if you need a little extra help shopping the site. While you are there why not check out the Style Gallery to see the image feed of real-life customers ๐Ÿ˜‰

Since the weather is getting a little more chilly, I have to put away my favorite booty shorts lol. But I’m happily switching over to longer length dresses and chunky knits. It just so happens that I found some new closet favorites in these beautiful muted fall shades of forest green, mustard, and rust. See the three looks I put together below. I was going for that Thanksgiving potluck/board game night with friends type of theme. Is it just me or do you guys think that matches these outfits too? ;P

Cupcake Consultant Velvet Jumper in Emerald + Simplicity on a Saturday Tunic in White


Homecoming ‘Round the Mountain Sweater in Curry


Flourishing Femininity Lace Midi Dress in Amber

This post is sponsored byย
All views and opinions expressed are honest and of my own.

ModCloth Fall Palette

Staying on Time With Baby G


I’ve always loved having more time on my hands. As you grow older there’s so many things that pulls your attention in every possible direction so it’s more about finding time and creating a balance in life. I love the simplicity of wearing a wristwatch because I can easily look down to keep track of time and stay organized. This allows me to stay on top of my tasks. This amazing Baby G watch has made its way into my wardrobe however it’s anything but simple. It has a digital face and its features includes

  • Fully automated calendar
  • Worldwide time zones settings
  • Alarm settings
  • Stopwatch settings
  • Countdown timer
  • Built in light
  • Shock resistant
  • Water resistant (Which means YES! You can go swimming with this watch on)

You can read more about the technical specs here. And see a lot more fun Baby G designs here.

Most days I strive for comfort and practicality with the way I dress so Iย love the fun and sporty vibe this watch gives off!ย It’s the perfect finishing touch for many of my outfits.

DSC_2960.jpgDSC_2950.jpgPhoto Jul 05, 19 02 50.jpgPhoto Jul 02, 07 22 14.jpgDSC08135.jpgDSC08153.jpg

In collaboration with Baby G. Find Baby G on insta @babyg_usa

Staying on Time With Baby G