ModCloth Fall Looks

IMG_6994Ladylike Button Up Top in Blush

As the fall season approaches, the cool breezes and chilly nights makes me opt for a little more fabric and a little less skin. I’m so excited to partner with ModCloth because I love exploring their endless wardrobe options, whether it’s in the form of fun prints, bold designs, classic looks, or simple closet staples. They believe that fashion is for every body which I think is a beautiful mindset to embrace.

I have a smaller frame and I usually have to settle for a size small in clothing which tends to fit me loosely. There’s always those awkward little details; like how the sides of a shirt are a little too big or the waist of a pair of jeans fits right but the thigh area doesn’t hug the way I want it to. While it’s not too much of a big deal, wouldn’t you agree that slipping into an article of clothing that feels like it’s perfectly made for your body gives you a jolt of excitement and happiness? I sure feel this way since it’s not often that it happens. ModCloth covers sizes XXS-4XL so it’s easy to find the perfect fit for all of your favorite pieces.

If you need a little inspo for updating your look, their mobile app has a “Fit For Me” feature which recommends items based on your size. Need a second opinion but your bff is not around? A friendly ModStylist can help you shop the site. And don’t forget to check out the Style Gallery to see real-life customers rockin’ their favorite ModCloth pieces.

IMG_7020Fine and Sandy Blazer in Khaki

IMG_6974 (1)Just This Sway Midi Skirt in Tumeric

Truth of the Batter Sneakers

Fall Potluck Overalls in Forest

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ModCloth Fall Looks


Photo May 30, 05 25 40

I am ALWAYS on the hunt for good hair-care since I have a tendency to torture my hair until it screams and bursts out in color. No lie, maintaining colored hair is a lot of work. And the constant bleaching and dying takes a toll and dries out my hair tremendously.

Which is why I’m very happy to come across Uberliss, a bond sustainer and a much needed treatment for my weary locks. I’ve gotten my hair bleached and dyed a few days ago. While it looks good in photos, it’s quite damaged and coarse to the touch. After applying this treatment, I definitely noticed a HUGE improvement in the softness and malleability of my hair. It feels like I’ve been nursing it back to health for weeks when it’s only been one treatment. I have to say, I’m very impressed ^_~

This product has a really strange consistency, it’s gummy but not sticky, I’m almost unsure of how to describe it lol. But I will definitely continue to use this and see how much better my hair gets over time!

View a little how-to video I made for Uberliss by clicking here.

Photo May 30, 05 19 09


Desert Sand Dunes


I don’t think I’ve ever woken up so early for a shoot. Technically I napped for one hour. Ron & Sang were team no sleep because they’re badasses and they don’t need sleep lol. We left at 2AM to catch the sunrise at the Glamis Sand Dunes. The weather was rainy on arrival at around 6AM so we all caught up on some much needed sleep for a few hours. I was honestly very concerned about the rain but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise since it eventually stopped. It smoothed over all the sand and removed the tire marks left by the ATV riders. Plus the overcast weather was perfect for lighting!

Oh the things we do for Instagram.. but in all honesty it’s just wonderful to find an excuse to go exploring with your friends and create some memories along the way. We stopped by Salton Sea on our way back, a place littered with the dead corpses of fishes everywhere. The neighborhood around that area was small and dilapidated but I found it fascinating look at and to wonder about the lives of its inhabitants. I’ve been in bigger cities all of my life so when I find myself around smaller communities, the vibe in the air just feels very different. Like there’s a mysterious charm of interconnection because escape is hard to find.

But here are some remnants of my quick little escape away from LA.



Photographs by Ron Khy
White bodysuit & mustard set from Peppermayo

Desert Sand Dunes

A Bohemian Grunge Affair With ShopDixi


I can’t help but feel a little happily bewitched in this necklace from ShopDixi’s Boho & Grunge Jewellery Store. You can find very unique pieces and I’m currently dying over this Skadii Goddess of Winter Thorn Choker. A girl can never have too much clothes, shoes, and jewelry. Well that’s not true, but let’s just pretend everyone agrees 😉 Jewelry is the final layer and it completes your look. It’s like crossing your T’s and dotting your I’s, it just doesn’t feel quite finished until you do.

I finally visited the reservoir close to my home and happened upon a gloomy day. Lucky me! Well the cold was not ideal but it was bearable and worth it to get these moody shots. I found this place really beautiful. Can’t believe I live so close. Just goes to show that beauty is not too hard to find if you take the time and effort to look.

Below are some of my favorite necklaces from ShopDixi, my absolute favorite place to hunt for grunge or bohemian jewellery, along with what I wore to match them. It’s always great to explore more, so find a reason to get out there! And look fabulous while doing so 😉

Forest Inspired ChokerDSC05694.jpgDSC05708.jpgLariat Inspired NecklaceDSC05585.jpgDSC05627.jpgDSC05653.jpgDSC05613.jpgMoon Inspired JewelleryDSC05739.jpgDSC05817.jpgDSC05850.jpgDSC05875.jpgDSC05870.jpg

A Bohemian Grunge Affair With ShopDixi

Lyfe Tea


On some mornings your bed can feel like the fluffiest cloud in the world. Getting up and on with your day sounds like a ridiculous notion and the worst idea your mind could possibly conceive. Unfortunately most of my mornings are like that. Haha but live on we must.

So I’ve been switching up my daily routine a tad bit by incorporating a nice hot cup of Lyfe Tea Morning Blend shortly after I wake up. It gives me an extra boost of energy and lightens up my mood to get me ready for the day.

For my evening wind down I sip on the Detox tea blend. It provides the perfect calming after a busy day. I’ve also noticed that, with the help of these, my bloating has gone down significantly.

Lately I’ve been trying to become healthier, as well. I’m slowly inching towards my mid-20s and I’ve been noticing those tiny little changes in my body and stamina. Things that remind me how we can’t stay forever young. Sadly. So, along with adding Lyfe Tea to my diet, I’ve finally started making time to exercise more regularly.

I don’t know where life will go from this point on; But maybe I’ll just focus on these four things – exercise, eating right, drinking tea, and hustling hard 😉






Lyfe Tea

What a Colorful World We Live In


It’s funny how the bigger things in life ties in with the little things that brought it there. Everything can be traced through a long chain of cause and effects. It’s concurrent to the idea of if you weren’t at there at that time and that place, that never would have happened. Every time I don’t go about my normal routine and take the strange route, I tend to come upon things I like with no intention of looking for it. Just a passing thought since I have writer’s block with starting out a blog post ;P

The funny thing about this shoot was that it happened in Vietnam and the building we were at was closely reminiscent of a horror movie. I remember walking up the stairs and my sister questioning if we were walking into a kidnapping scheme. You would have never expected a photography studio to be on a higher floor. I find the unexpected very amusing so that hiccup made this a better memory.

I was awake for over 40 hours at the time and felt like dying since I am a major sleep junkie. But time is limited when you’re traveling so I didn’t reschedule. Aside from being dead-eyed in half of the photos taken, I’m very pleased with the final photo set. Kyo is one of the most talented photographers I’ve ever worked with and I’ve always fancied more creative concepts versus just a portrait or outfit shot. So viola! 😉


What a Colorful World We Live In

A Nice Afternoon in Vietnam


It was nearing the end of my trip in Vietnam but I’m so glad I ended up meeting Kenny for a quick 2 hour shoot. We met up at a local landmark in Saigon and 12pm to 2pm passed by swiftly. It was a casual series of walking, talking, and occasionally stopping to shoot – where ever there was not too many people around. We both don’t reside in Vietnam so anywhere and everywhere had the novelty of being completely different to what we’re accustomed to seeing. The streets were filled with color and there were endless perfect backdrops. We made a final stop for some peach tea before we went off on our separate ways again.

Kenny is from Germany and is a student, photographer, and world traveler. I absolutely love meeting new people especially from different parts of the world and learning about their lives. It gets me to reflect on myself and what changes I want to make in my life. Why not travel more?

Without much further ado, here are some photographs from that day. Kenny is into more candid natural looking photographs. Which I found fits perfectly with the overall memory of my trip. I love photographs taken in unusual places. It’s like a time capsule to help remind you of the feelings, smells, and scenery associated with a place. I hope to be able to take more trips like this, where I can casually and slowly get lost in another world.


A Nice Afternoon in Vietnam