What a Colorful World We Live In

It’s funny how the bigger things in life ties in with the little things that brought it there. Everything can be traced through a long chain of cause and effects. It’s concurrent to the idea of if you weren’t at there at that time and that place, that never would have happened. Every time I don’t go […]

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A Nice Afternoon in Vietnam

It was nearing the end of my trip in Vietnam but I’m so glad I ended up meeting Kenny for a quick 2 hour shoot. We met up at a local landmark in Saigon and 12pm to 2pm passed by swiftly. It was a casual series of walking, talking, and occasionally stopping to shoot – where ever there was not too […]

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Malibu Wine Safari

This was an absolute lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I was thrilled to finally visit Malibu Wines Safari. Nothing beats a mixture of some wine, your group of friends, and many cute animals chomping away on veggies right off your hand! 😉 Info Pamphlets. We first enter through this adorable wooden shack to check in which also […]

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Moving is almost always a huge pain but the redeeming thing about it is that you get to start fresh. It’s hard to open your mind to the endless possibilities of how a place could look like if there’s already things cluttering about, fighting for the empty spaces. Which is why I loved walking around my new unfurnished home and imagining all of the little details that […]

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Overtone Mermaid Lookbook

It’s not every day that find yourself in a home with the beach as its backyard. I remember waking up at 3AM to get ready for this shoot because I had to be on set at 5AM. Not a problem, since I got to skip out on all of the familiar LA traffic 😉 I’m not much of a morning […]

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Dany @iamdanypham

I met my friend Dany on a random day while I was dying his neighbor’s hair. I swear he looks like he popped out of a K-pop magazine, which I think is absolutely fabulous. My favorite memory was when he gave me a new pair of cozy grey and red socks because he was worried about my feet was […]

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Jump From Paper

Jump From Paper is a kawaii bag brand with bags that looks like they came straight out of a cartoon ^.^ It’s the perfect addition for extra spunkiness to any outfit & I’m a little obsessed with these two at the moment…

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