Dany @iamdanypham

I met my friendΒ Dany on a random day whileΒ I was dying his neighbor’s hair. I swear he looks like he popped out of a K-pop magazine, which I think is absolutely fabulous. My favorite memory wasΒ when he gave me a newΒ pair of cozy grey and red socks because he was worried about my feet was […]

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Jump From Paper

Jump From Paper is a kawaii bag brand with bags that looks like they came straight out of a cartoon ^.^ It’s the perfect addition for extra spunkiness to any outfit & I’m a little obsessed with these two at the moment…

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Motivational Tattoos

So we all have those moments in life that doesn’t quite go our way. A friendly little reminder every now and then to stay positive goes a long way. That’s why I’m quite fond of these cute little tats from Motivational Tattoos with simple words of encouragement in the form of a band-aid. Perfect for […]

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KCON LA 2016 #DoItForTheGram

Hi guys! I am VEERRYYY excited to announce that I will be participating in KCON this year as a panelist along with Nicole, Edward, Victoria, and Zach for the #DoItForTheGram panel. I’m assuming you guys can already guess what this panel will be about. Anything and everything Instagram! Come by on Saturday July 30th 4:00-5:00PM […]

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Growing up I’ve always shimmied over to the candy and cookies aisleΒ on a grocery store trip. Mama bear would usually allow for me to pick a couple of snack items and my selection would almost always include the classic red box of Pocky. I don’t know if this is a little strange but I have […]

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Do you guys have those instagram accounts that you stalk on the regular? Well, I’ve been a huge fan of Natasha’s work after I stumbled across her feed a few months ago. I’ve been meaning to ask her to photograph me but never gottenΒ around to it. Much to my delight I found an email from […]

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I love the outdoors. Take me to the woods, I’ll bring my heels and unpractical clothing and have you take pictures of me ^u^ Just kidding, the more than likely outcome is that we’ll have a nice chat about life while I pick at the grass beside me and decorate the ground with a bald […]

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