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How To Get the Best Shave Ever


In partnership with EOS, a little how-to guide touching upon the often overlooked details that really makes a difference when it comes to getting that perfect shave.

1. Find Your Unicorn in the Sea of Products


Shaving cream: Find a good one! By good I mean something that is moisturizing, fragrance free, and does not contain harsh chemicals. Lucky for you guys I have the perfect recommendation that fulfills all of these criteria: the new EOS Sensitive Shave Cream.

Razor: Make sure you are using a sharp one by replacing your razor blade at the first sign of dullness. Usually this happens between 5-10 shaves. If you keep having to go over an area more than once, it is a telltale sign that it’s time to let go. Buy razors in multi-packs so there’s always a new one ready for your rescue!

Quick tip: Don’t leave your razor in the shower. It is a war zone where bacteria and rust runs rampant.

2. DESTROY All Dead Skin Cells


Open up and soften your hair follicles by taking a bath or shower. Make sure to lather up and really exfoliate by scrubbing the areas you are going to shave with a loofah, brush, or scrub. This will prevent dead skin cells from clogging up your razor and getting in the way.

3. Less is More, Approach Gently


Pressure does not make for a closer shave. Pushing the razor harder against your skin will likely result in more irritation. If you have followed steps 1-2 above, your razor should be able to glide through effortlessly and give you a smooth and easy shave.

4. Moisturize


Rinse off any residue. Then proceed to apply an unscented lotion to the shaved areas. This creates a barrier and covers your newly shaven and exposed hair follicles. Over-drying of the skin can lead to many skin irritation symptoms so prevention is the best protection.

There you have it! Some quick little tips to use in combination with the new EOS Sensitive Shave Cream to get the perfect silky smooth legs.

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